Car Wash Fundraising

At H20 Car Wash, we understand the importance of raising funds for your organization. That’s why we created our car wash fundraising to enable organizations to get more out of their efforts. Since we started our program, we were able to raise thousands of dollars that have helped local organizations and charities in Austin and nearby areas.

The fundraising program will split all gift card sales and give 50% back to your organization!

how the program works

We help organizations in Austin raise funds in two ways: Sale of H2O Gift Card and Raffle Donations & Silent Auction.

1. Sale of H2O Gift Card

We have pre-paid H2O gift cards which can be sold by your organization’s members and volunteers. These gift cards can be used for car washing, detailing, or purchasing items in our store. The more gift cards you sell, the more donations your organization will receive.

This kind of fundraising may, however, require motivation and coordination from your organization. It is advisable that you create a plan that to guide members and volunteers and to ensure they’ll keep making sales. It is similar to what the Girl Scouts use in selling cookies and requires door-to-door selling to friends, neighbors and family.

2. Raffle Donations & Silent Auction

If you don’t have the manpower and resources to carry out door-to-door gift card selling, this mode of fundraising will suit your organization. In fact, most of our partner organizations prefer this fundraiser. H2O Car Wash can donate packages for car washing and detailing that are redeemable in our location in Austin. All we need from you is to give us event details and our staff will create the best package for you.

We donate H2O Car Wash Gift Certificate packages yearly to organizations that were able to conduct successful raffles and auctions. What is more, as we have earned the reputation as one of the finest car wash and detail service in Austin, these items will get excellent bids and make your raffle exciting.

No big cost to you

What makes our fundraiser unique is it comes at no big cost to your organization.

We’re going to supply you with materials you need to advertise and promote your fundraiser. We’ll provide you with pre-paid H2O gift card sale or 5-star Detailing gift certificate for your raffle because we want you to save as much as possible.

If your school or church will raise funds through our program, your organization will get more out of your efforts. The fundraising program will split all gift card sales and give 50% back to your organization

benefits of our program

We’ve designed our fundraising program to help you raise money your organization needs quickly and easily. You don’t need to purchase promotional materials and we’ll handle paperwork for you. That’ll save you a lot of time and money.

If you opt to become H2O Car Wash Family’s honorary member, we will be there for you every step of the way for years. By partnering with us, your organization will be representing H2O Car Wash, giving us the chance to make ourselves known to new patrons. It is in a way our means of giving back to the community.

call us now

For more information or questions, please call us at our contact number. Our coordinator will be happy to discuss your options and help you come up with the best fundraising package for your organization.